Indistry x Our House


Our House will be the creative agency looking after Indistry's "Emerging Artists" Channel. Our focus for "Phase 1" will be laying the foundation for an authentic music discovery experience. 

Phase 1

Outreach and Acquisition

  • Our House will help establish Indistry as an innovative media venture on the cutting edge by liaising with crucial leaders of the underground music industry (indie record labels, rising-star underground influencer artists)
  • Our House will Recruit 10-20 artists to provide performance videos, interviews, and candid footage for the emerging artist channel
  • Our House will handle asset collection and integration. 


  • Our House will produce four small club (200-300 cap) events with buzzing local bands and one mid tier national act as headliner. 
  • The goal will be to procure target audience email addresses and/or drive app subscription. 
  • Event locations and timing: New York (Aug), Nashville(Sept), Chicago (Oct), Los Angeles (Nov)


Part of our goal for Phase 1 will be to test and see what "works". We'll be highly flexible and agile during this phase. Our House has unique perspective and status in the music industry as both "street level" insider collaborator and seasoned music industry veteran. Because of this, we're very aware that the current era of internet music culture is changing rapidly. Mainstay indie-music hubs like Pitchfork, Fader, FactMag, and Stereogum are pivoting to a mode where News stories hold more value than pure music posts. Now more than ever, the lifestyle brand of an artist is the center of their promotional and publicity strategy. With this in mind, Our House plans to curate the Emerging Artists channel with crucial music and music performances AND intriguing lifestyle content from trending artists on the rise. 


Fee Structure

  • $15,000 monthly retainer (initial 3 month period)
  • $5,000 per live event

**Los Angeles budget TBD. We have an idea for a higher tier headliner where we'd be looking for a $10,000 budget